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    ER14250, 10 years' shelf-life, High energy Density with wide working temperature

    ER14250 Characteristics
    1. High energy density (620Wh/Kg); which is the highest among all lithium batteries.
    2. High open circuit voltage (3.66V for single cell), high operating voltage (varying with load, normally ranging from 3.3V to 3.6V).
    3. Wide range of operating temperature(-55°C~+85°C).
    4. Stable voltage and current, over 90% of the cell capacity is discharged at high plateau voltage.
    5. Long operating time (over 8 years) for continuous low current discharge with medium current pulses.
    6. Low self-discharge rate (less than 1% per year) and long storage life (over 10 year under normal room temperature).


    B. ER14250 Application

    Utility Metering, Automatic Meter Reading, Medical Electronics, Memory Backup, Tracking Systems, Law Enforcement (RFID), Earthquake Detectors, Digital Control Devices, Remote Monitory Systems, Electronic Toll Tags, Scientific Instruments, Portable Communication Equipment, Military Radio Stations, and other electric powered devices requiring small size, high power batteries.

    C. Specifications 

    ER14250 specifications
    Nominal Capacity (0.5mA to 2.0V at 23℃)
    Rated voltage (V)
    Max. Continuous Discharge Current
    Max. Pulse Discharge Current
    Operation temperature range
    Weight (g)

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    Caution :
    (1) Do not make the battery short-circuit and do not try to charge it.
    (2) Do not over-discharge , press or burn the battery.
    (3) The battery should be removed from the instrument on time when finishing discharging.
    (4) The battery should be buried deeply in earth .
    (5) Do not try to solder directly on battery.
    (6) The high temperature type Li-soc12 battery can not be used at environment above +160





    ER Battery Production Brief Workflow


    1.Cathode Mixer
    Mixing Acetylene Black with Solvent and Bonding Chemicals to Form Cathode.  Automatically Controlled to Ensure Stable Quality and Safety.


    Markyn Batteries


    Easy to Operate with Automatic Alarm Device for Safety.  Automatically Controlled to Ensure Quality.


    Markyn Batteries

    3.Cathode Molding System
    Forming the Cathode into Circular Balls with Preset Size.  Automatically Controlled System to Ensure Cathode Density.



    4.Automatic Nickel Tab Welding Machine
    Automatic Spot Welding Nickel Tabs on Both Ends of Battery to Ensure the Quality of Welding and Precise Locations.
    5.Dehumidifier System
    Four High Quality Dehumidifiers Generating Large Flow of Dry Air to Reduce Dew Point of Air in Battery Assembling Rooms and Chambers Below -40℃ Constantly.
    6.Automatic Assembling Lines
    Automatically Positioning Parts and Materials and Assembling Them Properly Together.  Using Automatic conveyers to Connect Assembling Steps. Substantially Reducing Labor Required and Human Errors. 
    7.Anode Assemble Machine
    Automatically Rolling and  Pressing Lithium Strip into Battery Shell
    8.Separator Assemble Machine
    Automatically Installing Separators on Bottom and Side of Battery Shell
    9.Cathode Assemble Machine
    Automatically Putting Preset Quantity of Ball Shape Cathode into Battery Shell
    10.Cap Assemble Machine
    Automatically Pressing Battery Cap Firmly Sealed with Battery Shell
    11.Internal Shorting Testing Machine
    Automatically Testing Internal Resistance After Cap Installed and Rejecting Failed Battery
    12.Epoxy Applying Machine
    Automatically Applying Epoxy on Battery Cap to Prevent Shorting
    13.Polishing Machine
    Automatically Polishing Both Positive and Negative Electrodes to Make Tab Welding More Firmly
    14.Sleeve Installation System
    Automatically Feeding Sleeve and Wrapping Properly Around Battery.  Shrinking Battery Sleeve Through Hot Air Chamber.

    15.Automatic Testing Machine

    Automatically Testing Open Circuit Voltage and Voltage with Load and Rejecting failed Battery

    16.Automatic Tab Welding Machine
    Automatically Spot Welding Nickel Tabs on Both Ends of Battery.  Measuring OCV after Tabs Installed.  Tracking and Recording Entire Process for Inspection.
    17.ER Battery Finishing & Packing Lines
    Installing Battery Connectors & Packing Batteries According to Customer' s requests.  Inspecting Final Products.
    18.Battery Aging Room with Controlled Temperature 
    Storing Batteries in Rooms with Temperature Controlled Under 28℃ Yearly Long.
    19.Battery Testing System
    Testing Battery OCV, Voltage with Load and Capacity for Constant Currents & Constant Resistances. Simultaneously  Testing Over 2,00 Batteries.
    20.Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy
    Accurately  Measuring Water Containing in Electrolyte
    21.Environmental Testing Room
    Testing Battery According to Military Specifications Including Vibration, Shock, Temperature Cycling, High Humidity, Low Pressure….


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